INST Solar Powered LED String Light review

In this day and age, utilities like electricity are becoming increasingly expensive. There are a variety of environmentally friendly and efficient options available to combat these increasing energy costs. Solar energy is one of the best options available and the technology is incorporated in solar lighting systems available in the market. Their basis of operation… Read More »

InnoGear 2 in 1 Solar Powered LED Landscape Light review

Keeping to the indoors once the sun goes down is safe when you don't have lighting on the outside. When you need to keep the light bulbs on through the night, you remember the electricity bill at the end of the month and decide it better to keep the lights off. If you are stuck… Read More »

Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar-Powered Plastic LED Path Light review

Due to rising costs and maintenance of traditional lighting systems that inherently depend on electricity as a power source, the need to make use for an alternative, less costly and more efficient energy sources has arisen. Solar energy is currently all the rage since it primarily derives its energy from sunlight which is widely available… Read More »

Hummingbird butterfly dragonfly solar lights for garden review

Summer and spring come, bringing a cherry spirit along with them. It is in the breeze and the chirping of the birds; it's in the clear blue skies and the starry nights. And somehow, you wish you could capture some bit of that magic and be able to have it in your garden. The Hummingbird,… Read More »

Set of 10 GardenJoy Solar Powered LED Garden Lights review

Your yard and outdoor space have much to offer you, but when the sun goes down, it becomes almost unusable. Yet this space can become a magical area filled with a tantalizing aura. Through using well placed outdoor lighting fixtures, you can transform your walkway patio and yard into an attractive space. The Set of… Read More »